Auktion 136 April 2018

Curtis's Botanical Magazine; or Flower-Garden Displayed:

Auktion: Auktion 136 April 2018
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Botanik: Curtis, William. Curtis's Botanical Magazine; or Flower-Garden Displayed: in which the most ornamental Foreign Plants, cultivated in the Open Ground, the Green-House, and the Stove, are accurately represented in their natural Colours. To which are added their Names, Class, Order, Generic and Specific Characters, according to the celebrated Linnaeus; their Places of Growth, and Times of Flowering. Together with the most approved Methods of Culture. A Work intended for the Use of such Ladies, Gentlemen, and Gardeners, as wish to become scientifically acquainted with the Plants they cultivated. London, Couchman, 1787-1826. Jeder Band mit einer Vielzahl kolorierter, teils gefalteter Kupfertafeln. Einige Bände mit Exlibris 'William Horton Lloyd - Gamaliel Lloyd', einige Bände mit handschriftlichem Besitzervermerk 'William Horton Lloyd', einige Bände mit Stempel 'Rocal Society of Edinburgh'. Leder des frühen 19. Jh. mit goldgeprägtem Rücken sowie rotem und schwarzem Schild (Band 27 mit losen Buchdeckeln). 29 x 15 cm. Insges. 32 Bde.