Auktionshaus Michael Zeller - 123. Int. Bodensee-Kunstauktion

Auction House Zeller in Lindau cordially invites you to the very last auction of the year to be held on the 27 th to the 29 th of November. We look forward to the public enjoying over 3.000 beautifully displayed objects from the kaleidoscopic world of Art and Antiques.


Collection  Jaggi
Exquisite pieces can this time be found from the estate of the, in the year 2000 deceased, notable Zurich collector Werner-Konrad Jaggi. As Director of the cataloging for the Swiss National Museum and author of specialist publications on sacred cultures he was deemed to be an expert in his field. The comprehensive collection encompasses Sculpture, Minatures, Folk Art, Behind glass paintings, Devotional pieces , Porcelain and Glass. Of special not are two larger than life, delicately worked Solothurner Paper cut pictures depicting the holy Mauritius and the holy. Urs (Lot number 727 and 728, 2,800 Euro each), a sighed boxwood relief of the Austrian Sculptor Johann Georg Schwanthaler (1740 – 1810), which depicts the holy Nepomuk in dungeon, and last but not least a noteworthy Venetian carrying cross of silver with detailed acanthus leaf engravery (Lot number 940, 4,000 Euro).


Giving a touch of Africa to any four walls is the magical pastel toned Zebra herd from Wilhelm Kuhnert (1865 – 1926), one of the most important German animal painters of his time (Lot number 1224, 9,500 Euro). Knowing that he found his exotic animal motives in the free wilderness and not in zoos, like many of his time makes these paintings that little bit more impressive. This piece coming under the hammer was created during Kuhnerts to Deutsch-Africa (1905/06), present day known as Tanzania. In the contemporary art department we find a young boy in garden, drawing the gaze of a reposing woman. The Chinese artist An He (Pseudonym Hans Amis) has created a romantic painting worthy of collector status as is with a limit price of 3,000 Euro (Lot number 1443). 


Together with porcelain objects, many Façon, high quality silk embroidery and colorful roll paintings can also be found a series of Buddist figures, enough to make the heart race of any Asiatic art lover, again of special note is a bronze figure of Aksobhy, Tibetan in origin and pertaining to the five transcendental Buddas (Lot number 2029, 8,000 Euro), or the extraordinarily fine sculptured head of a Maitreya, thought to be the Budda of the future. The of slate 2./3. A.D. in Gandhara created fragment comes from the collection of a Luxembourg diplomat and is with a limit of 6,000 Euro (Lot number 2023).


Jewellery and art objects
In this area it is dazzeling to say the least! All eyes at the Christmas feast would be on you with this impressive and elegant Parure with rubies and diamonds (Lot number 2764, 19,800 Euro).   Exquisitely engraved Ivory objects (Lots 2686, 2687, each 8,000 Euro and Lot 2684, 15,000 Euro) a Male head of Lime wood, depicting the transition from life to death (Lot 2688, 4,000 Euro).Their fascination and richness not just for the eyes of the connoisseur.